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Denied Boarding Compensation

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Denied Boarding Compensation
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Air passenger rights in the event of denied boarding

It is a situation that air travelers never want to get into. You can’t take your flight because the airline won’t take you. This means that a long-awaited vacation or an important business meeting can quickly fall through without the passenger being able to do anything about it. However, you can make a claim for compensation against the airline.

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Key Points about “Denied Boarding Compensation”

  • Denied boarding can happen due to overbooking.
  • Compensation depends on flight distance.
  • Passengers must be informed of their rights.
  • Airlines must offer alternative transportation.
  • Passengers can claim compensation up to €600.
  • Compensation also applies to connecting flights.
  • Compensation may be reduced in certain cases.
  • In the UK, passengers have up to 6 years to claim.

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What does denied boarding mean?

If passengers are already at the gate and can also show a valid ticket and the airline still refuses to let the passengers fly with them, this is called denied boarding. In addition, there must be no justifiable reasons for not being able to fly with you. Some examples of denied boarding flight:

  • Too many passengers due to overbooking.
  • The airline does not let the passengers on the plane, even though the flight is taking place.
  • The passenger was rebooked on another flight

In order to be entitled to compensation, denied boarding must be against the will and with the consent of the passenger. The prerequisite is that the passengers checked in on time, all booking documents were available, and the passengers did not pose any safety or health risks to themselves or other travelers.

Voluntary denied boarding
Voluntary denied boarding means that the airline tries to find passengers of the particular flight who are willing to be rebooked on a later flight or to give up the flight in exchange for certain benefits and advantages. It is important to know that air travelers are not entitled to compensation under the EU regulation in such a case.

Involuntary denied boarding
If the airline does not find volunteers who would give up the flight, the airline arbitrarily selects passengers who are denied boarding and are not allowed to take the flight. Thus, when passengers are denied boarding, it is referred to as involuntary denied boarding. In this case, passengers are entitled to compensation according to the EU Air Passenger Rights Regulation. They may also be entitled to benefits and to re-routing or reimbursement of the ticket price.

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What rights do I have in the event of denied boarding?

  • According to the EU Passenger Rights Regulation, affected air travelers are entitled to between €250 and €600 in compensation
  • Immediate provision of snacks and drinks by the airline
  • You can have your ticket refunded or request a replacement flight
  • Independent of the ticket price

What can I do in case of denied boarding?

If passengers are affected by denied boarding, they should ask the airline to confirm the reason for the overbooking in writing. It is also advisable to collect receipts as evidence, such as meals or vouchers issued. Air travelers should also insist on your supplies at the airport in the form of snacks and drinks.

When/how do I receive compensation in the event of denied boarding?

Since 2004, EU air passenger law has regulated compensation for overbooking in Regulation No. 261/2004. The amount of compensation is based on the length of the flight and does not depend on the original ticket price. Passengers can make claims retroactively for up to 3 years. For the compensation, it does not matter if the flight was part of a package vacation or if it was a business meeting. A flight must fall under EU air passenger law and either depart from the EU or the flight must land in the EU while the airline is based in the EU. According to the EU Air Passenger Rights Regulation, the amount of compensation is calculated according to the distance of the flight:

  • Short distance flight delays – up to 1500km – You are entitled to compensation of €250
  • Medium distance flight delays – between 1500km and 3500km – You are entitled to compensation of 400 €
  • Long distance flight delays – over 3500km – You are entitled to compensation of 600 €

Denied Boarding? Claim Your Compensation

When/How can I get a ticket reimbursement for denied boarding?

If air travelers have been denied boarding due to overbooking, they can decide for themselves whether to take advantage of substitute transportation or to be reimbursed for the full ticket price. If the airline does not offer an alternative, passengers can book a new flight themselves. They can then charge the airline for the cost of this at a later date. Have you been denied boarding and need help with your ticket refund or compensation? Our experts on air passenger rights will be happy to help you. Check your compensation claims now – free of charge.

What am I entitled to under EU regulations in the event of denied boarding?

If the airline has overbooked a flight and is therefore unable to carry passengers as planned, passengers are entitled to between 250 and 600 euros in compensation under the EU Passenger Rights Regulation. At the same time, air travelers are entitled to meals at the airport in the event of an overbooking. In order for the flight to fall under EU air passenger rights and for passengers to be entitled to compensation, the flight must meet a number of requirements.


  • You have checked in on time. (Normally up to 45 minutes before departure)
  • Your problem flight was not longer than 3 years ago
  • Your flight has either departed from the EU (any airline) or landed in the EU (airlines based in the EU)
  • You have a valid ticket and booking confirmation.
  • The booking type, e.g. single booking, business trip or package vacation, does not matter for your right to compensation.

Denied Boarding? Claim Your Compensation

How long are compensation claims valid in the event of denied boarding?

Claims for compensation can still exist years after the actual flight. In Germany, for example, air travelers can still claim compensation 3 years after their flight. If passengers have been affected by a flight delay or cancellation in recent years, they should check whether you are entitled to compensation and how much money you could receive.

How can Flightright help you?

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