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You too can become a legal tech revolutionary!

Become a part of Flightright and join us in creating a completely new way to empower and support individuals in successfully pursuing their claims against companies. For this purpose, we draw on our legal expertise and IT-supported automation.

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At Flightright we live and breathe legal tech, don’t you?

When it comes to the uncomplicated, legal enforcement of compensation and refunds for air travellers, we confidently maintain our European pioneering position in the market. With an enforced amount of over 500 million euros and a steadily growing crew of around 70 employees on board, we can look back on an impressive journey and many judicial successes since 2010. We never abandon our clients, even when things get difficult. And that’s exactly what we expect from you, your striving for success.

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Our mission: Give people access to justice!

Do you want to join a fast-growing company and are you ready to redefine the legal market? Do you like working in an environment where you can control and directly influence many things yourself? Where internationality, different languages and cultures result in a very open-minded atmosphere and where it’s fun to go beyond yourself again and again? Then you’ve come to the right place!

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Flightright has been successfully fighting for air passenger rights as a legal tech pioneer since 2010 and established Chevalier in 2018, another successful legal tech that helps employees with employment law. In April 2021, freem became our third consumer portal and at the same time our third legal area – traffic law. We are constantly expanding and want to improve our presence in more and more markets. In 2021, for example, we acquired our Danish competitor Flyhjaelp so that the new colleagues for the Allright Group can help consumers in the Scandinavian market in the best possible way. Even crises cannot disturb us. When the Corona pandemic hit Germany, only a few weeks later we were ready to help travellers with flight cancellations with a brand new service to fight for their ticket refunds. By mid-2020, hardly any airline was willing to refund the tickets. Through our intensive cooperation with the airlines and also some necessary lawsuits, we have achieved that today many airlines have refunded over 90% of the tickets.


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The Flightright values

In an interdisciplinary team with many, sometimes opposing opinions, valuable synergies are created. On this basis, we constantly develop new strategies and goals together. Our corporate values are the foundation for our cooperation.


Give people access to justice!

Always ask yourself “What is the benefit for the customer?” and give our customers a voice. Be the experienced older brother or big sister of our customers. Give our customers professional support and convince them of our capabilities. Our service is worth the price because we go the extra mile. Fight creatively for the fair treatment of consumers.


Get it done and deliver!

Colleagues can rely on you because you keep your promises. Do things step by step and take responsibility for the end result. Prioritise what is best for the company. Make decisions based on facts, without over-analysis.


Work and grow together!

Treat others with respect. Be open and honest with others and with yourself. Create a working environment in which your colleagues enjoy working. Take care of the development of your colleagues, share your knowledge and support them. Give direct feedback, not only on the things we need to improve, but especially on the things we are strong at. Be ready to leave your comfort zone.


Be brave and show courage!

Take thoughtful risks and be brave. Say what you think, even if it’s controversial. Overcome limits and don’t give up. Seize opportunities and don’t wait to be told what to do.


Make mistakes and learn!

Educate yourself to continuously improve your work. Test quickly and frequently to learn with as little effort as possible. Accept that mistakes can happen. Communicate errors quickly and proactively. Be reliable and eliminate your mistakes. Make sure that a mistake is not repeated in the future. Share experiences and celebrate success across teams.


Here you will find an overview of our different teams.
They form the strong backbone for Flightright.

Flightright Operations Team


The operations team consists of 30 people with different professional and cultural backgrounds. As the first contact, we stand up for the rights of our clients. With a powerful hands-on approach, we always find the best solution for our clients, even for the most difficult cases. Constant knowledge exchange, regular feedback and respectful interaction make it possible for us to achieve our goals. Our team is characterised by a high level of motivation, customer awareness and empathy.

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Since summer 2018, we have the office in Budapest. Our team is part of the Operations team at the Berlin House of Legal Tech. We help our German-speaking clients from Budapest and handle the cases with the same assertiveness and at least equal determination as our dear colleagues in Berlin. The BUD team regularly comes to Berlin. There we make sure that there is always a lively exchange with all Flightrighters and colleagues from Chevalier and freem.

Flightright Legal Team


In the legal team, we are always up to date so that we are prepared for any eventuality. In addition, there is the constant exchange of knowledge and experience as well as team cohesion. We never miss a challenge and no hurdle is too high for us. When an airline once again refuses to pay in a justified case, we start to really get into the swing of things. Then it is a matter of working out a litigation strategy and, if necessary, we will go all the way to the European Court of Justice in the fight for our clients and will not shy away from compulsory enforcement.

Allright HR Team


On our mission “Give people access to justice!”, we are always on the lookout for highly qualified employees and outstanding talents. We in the HR team work and grow with each department and accompany them in every way: from finding new colleagues to helping with day-to-day matters. We support each individual in mastering their tasks. The needs and interests of our employees are our job, we are their coach and partner. Soon for you too?

team finance


The Finance team is the backbone of the Allright Group. We know our full earning power at all times and the preparation of financial statements and detailed reports for management and shareholders are the team’s central tasks. In the accounting department, all receipts are recorded, queries with internal and external stakeholders are clarified and accounted accordingly. Constant knowledge exchange, mutual support, regular feedback and respectful interaction are our basis for achieving our goals.

Flightright Develpment Team


Our IT team is constantly working to develop and improve our service. In addition to software programming, we deal with web technologies, databases, data mining and analyses and evaluate and implement tools. We are quality-oriented and believe in agile software development with a lively exchange within the team. We gain new knowledge through project insights and at conferences. Besides work, we are also sociable people who like to play table football, eat and drink well and play video games in our free time.

team marketing


The marketing team is an international and cake-crazy team that works closely together. Together we brainstorm, juggle numbers and words, discuss, share our knowledge and results. We are ready to go new ways and simply try things out. There are no mistakes – because everything that goes wrong makes us even better. We live an open culture of discussion, rely on each other and roll up our sleeves together.

Allright Product Team


As a product team, we are passionate about finding solutions to our stakeholders’ challenges. We are obsessed with user feedback, tracking data and product testing to build and constantly optimise the best solutions for our customers. We are a small and highly ambitious team of product managers who work in an agile way with our software developers, designers, marketing team and partners. In the morning we check our KPIs, at noon we take care of the core business and in the evening we develop the next big thing in legal tech. Every new day is more exciting than yesterday!

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Your HR team not only accompanies you through the recruiting process, but is also your active companion throughout your entire time with the Allright Group – from your application, through your onboarding and afterwards, actually always: We are there for you!

Monique Noack

Monique Noack

Head of HR

Revaler Straße 28
10245 Berlin

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