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Our legal experts have been advocating for passenger rights for over 10 years. Our immense success has resulted in enforced compensation of more than 500,000,000 Euros from airlines.

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With us you receive your refund: If the airline refunds your ticket costs within 7 days, our service will be completely free. After that we charge our success fee (14-28% + VAT), but only if we are successful.

Refunds up to 6 years retroactively

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Ticket refund: Frequently asked questions

Unfortunately things don’t always go according to plan when flying. Your flight was cancelled, and you’re wondering about your rights against the airline? In our FAQ we answer the most common questions about flight cancellations and ticket reimbursements.

What are my rights if my flight was cancelled?

Passengers’ rights are set out in the EU Passenger Rights Regulation. The regulation applies to flights departing from an airport in the EU and to flights landing at an airport in the EU if the operating airline is based in the EU. When flights are cancelled, passengers can request replacement transportation or a rebooking, otherwise the airline must reimburse the ticket costs of the cancelled flights. In principle, airlines have 7 days to refund the ticket price which can be made in cash, by bank transfer, cheque or in the form of a voucher

Do I have to accept a voucher in place of a refund?

Airlines often offer ticket refunds in the form of vouchers. What many passengers are unaware of is that they can insist on a cash refund of the amount originally paid. You do not have to accept a voucher, but have a right to choose. as stated in Article 8 of the EU Passenger Rights Regulation. With a voucher, you are bound to the airline making you less flexible for future travel. Especially in times when the future of many airlines is uncertain, you should prefer a full refund instead of a voucher. If the airline later files for insolvency, in the worst case you are left with a worthless voucher and the money is lost. With Flightright, you can be sure that you will receive more than just a voucher for your flight cancellation.

Do I also get my money back for a flight cancellation due to Corona?

Even if a flight is cancelled due to Corona, passengers are entitled to a reimbursement of ticket costs. Unlike compensation claims, ticket refunds are not obstructed by extraordinary circumstances that could exempt airlines from making payments. Passengers have paid in advance for a service that was not provided, due to flight cancellations, and therefore can claim their money back. However, many airlines try to deceptively appease travellers with vouchers. If an airline refuses, reclaiming the ticket price on your own involves a lot of effort and risk. Flightright enforces the refund of your ticket costs for you – even in court if necessary.

Can I also get a refund for seat reservations and baggage?

Additional costs for seat reservations, in flight meals or luggage are included in the flight price. If the flight is cancelled, airlines must also reimburse these costs along with the cost of the ticket.

Can I claim a refund if I cancel the flight myself?

If an airline cancels the flight, it must refund the ticket costs to the passengers. If a passenger withdraws from the flight, i.e. cancels it, they are not entitled to a full refund, even if they no longer wish to fly due to the corona situation. Passengers can usually only get back a small part of the original costs. The cancellation conditions differ from airline to airline. They are regulated in the airlines’ general terms and conditions. However, some airlines offer goodwill arrangements in view of the extraordinary situation.

What are the costs?

If the airline pays within the legal period of 7 days, our service is free of charge for you. Sometimes airlines are stubborn and refuse to pay, even though they are obligated to do so. We will continue to legally advocate for your refund until the airline pays. If we are successful, we charge a commission of 14-28 % (plus VAT). Our service is therefore completely risk-free for you.

Your flight was cancelled?

Flightright enforces your rights in the event of a cancellation and works to ensure that you receive your rightful ticket refund from the airline.

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