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Munich airport - Ticket refund and compensation in case of flight delays and cancellations

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Current flight delays and flight cancellations at Munich Airport

Here you will find a list of all current flight delays and flight cancellations at Munich Airport for which you could be entitled to compensation. Were you affected by one of the delays or cancellations? Then check your claim right away in our compensation calculator and instruct Flightright to enforce your rights.


Flight delays and flight cancellations at Munich Airport

Munich Airport (MUC) opened in 1992 and is named after the former Bavarian Minister President Franz Josef Strauß. With more flight movements per year, Munich Airport is the second largest airport in Germany. Munich Airport is an important hub for Lufthansa in particular. According to Flightright, there were a total of 136239 flights planned at Munich Airport in 2023. Of these, 3437 flights were canceled, which corresponds to 2.52% of all scheduled flights. In addition, 489 flights were delayed, which accounted for 0.36% of all flights.

If you are nevertheless affected by a flight delay or flight cancellation at Munich Airport, you are entitled to compensation of between £520 and £520. Our compensation calculator shows you quickly and easily whether and to what amount you are entitled to compensation. You can then instruct Flightright to claim your compensation. If Flightright is successful, you will receive your compensation minus our success commission (usually 20-30% plus VAT). We have also compiled some useful information about flights to and from Munich below.

What am I entitled to if my flight is delayed or canceled at Munich Airport?

  • Between £220 and £520 compensation according to the UK Passenger Rights Regulation
  • From 3 hours flight delay, flight cancellation, overbooking or missed connecting flight
  • The compensation is independent of the ticket price.
  • Up to 6 years retroactively

What should I do if my flight is delayed or canceled at Munich Airport?

  • Ideally, have the reason for the delay or flight cancellation confirmed in writing by the airline
  • Collect evidence: Photos, receipts for expenses, tickets and vouchers can help
  • Securecare services at the airport
  • Use the compensation calculator and find out what amount you are entitled to

When do I start receiving compensation for flight delays or flight cancellations at Munich Airport?

Did your flight have a delay of more than 3 hours, was it canceled, were you rebooked at short notice or did you miss your connecting flight? Then you may be entitled to compensation under UK law. Passengers departing from a UK airport, or flying to the UK from a non-UK airport on an EU/EEA or UK air carrier, as well as passengers flying to the EU/EEA from a non-EU/EEA airport on a UK air carrier, are protected under UK261 Regulation. To be entitled to compensation, the airline must also be responsible for the flight disruption.

The following applies in principle:

  • Delays: Your flight has arrived at its destination more than 3 hours late.
  • Cancellations: You were informed of the cancellation less than 14 days before departure.
  • Overbooking: The airline overbooks your flight and you can no longer find a seat on board.
  • Missed connecting flight: You miss your connecting flight and reach your final destination with a delay of 3 hours or more.

The amount of compensation you receive is only based on the flight distance – not the price you paid for your ticket:

  • Short-haul (less than 1500 kilometers): You are entitled to compensation of £220 at Munich Airport
  • Medium-haul (up to 3500 kilometers): You are entitled to compensation of £350 at Munich Airport
  • Long-haul (over 3500 kilometers): You are entitled to compensation of £520 at Munich Airport
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What are my rights if I have to wait a long time at the airport?

If you have to wait for your flight at Munich Airport, you should not miss out on the following services provided by your airline:

  • Free drinks, snacks, as well as e-mails, fax and two telephone calls from 2 hours waiting time and a short distance (up to 1500 km)
  • Free drinks, meals and two telephone calls, e-mails or faxes from a waiting time of 3 hours and a medium-haul route (1500-3500 km)
  • Free drinks, meals and two phone calls, e-mails or faxes from 4 hours delay and a long distance (from 3500 km)
  • Overbooking: In the event of overbooking, you are entitled to all services without waiting time

What are my passenger rights if my flight is canceled due to a strike at Munich Airport?

If your flight is due to depart from Munich (Munich) Airport and there is a strike at the airport in question, first check whether your flight is affected by the strike. According to the UK Passenger Rights Regulation, you are entitled to alternative transportation or a refund of the ticket price. You may also be entitled to compensation if there are no extraordinary circumstances and it is an internal airline strike, for example. Contact your airline for more information about replacement transportation, rebooking or ticket refunds, as well as local services such as meals and, if necessary, accommodation and transportation to the hotel.

Can I receive flight compensation if my flight at Munich Airport is delayed or canceled due to a strike?

A flight cancellation or a significant delay of more than three hours due to a strike is often considered an extraordinary circumstance, provided the airline or airline staff are not responsible for the strike. There is no entitlement to compensation in exceptional circumstances. Nevertheless, passengers should check their rights to basic care and catering services at Munich Airport (Munich). This includes meals, refreshments and, if necessary, accommodation, depending on the length of the delay and the flight route. Also important to know: If your flight is canceled because airline staff are on strike, you are entitled to a refund of your ticket price, alternative transportation, meals on site and additional compensation.

How do I get to Munich Airport?

Munich Airport is easy to reach both from Munich city center and from the surrounding area. You can choose between public transport, a shuttle bus, cab or your own car.

By public transport to Munich Airport

The airport has its own train station. The S-Bahn lines S1 and S8 run from Munich city center to the airport. The connection runs every 10 minutes. The journey time is around 40 minutes. The Lufthansa Express Bus also commutes between the main station and the airport. It runs as a shuttle every 15 minutes. There are also regional trains. Buses also run between the surrounding area, e.g. Landshut, and the airport.

By car to Munich Airport

The airport is located around 30 kilometers northeast of Munich. The airport can be reached by car via the A92 and the B301 federal highway.

Parking at the airport

Several parking garages in the immediate vicinity of the terminals offer ample parking space. The departure gates are within walking distance of the parking garages. You can also park free of charge for short periods in front of the outdoor areas of the terminals. If you would like to park your car for a longer period of time, you can reserve a long-term parking space on the airport website. You can find out more about parking at the airport here.

How long in advance do I need to be at Munich Airport?

For short and medium-haul flights, it is advisable to be at the airport 90 or 120 minutes before departure. For long-haul flights, some airlines ask their customers to arrive at check-in 3 hours before departure. As a rule, check-in closes 30 to 60 minutes before departure. Travelers wishing to travel to Munich Airport by train should allow three quarters of an hour for the journey from the center of Munich.

From Munich Airport to the city center

There are several ways for arriving travelers to get to the city center. There are cab ranks at the entrances and exits of the terminals. If you want to get to Munich, the cheapest and quickest option is to take an S-Bahn train from Munich Airport. The ticket also entitles you to travel within Munich for one day. If you prefer to drive yourself, you will find a large selection of renowned car rental companies in the rental car center.

Munich Airport: Terminals and important addresses

The official address of Munich Airport is Terminalstraße Mitte in 85445 Oberding. Around 100 airlines fly from Munich Airport to destinations in Germany, Europe and all over the world. The airport consists of two terminals.

  • Munich AirportTerminal 1: Flights from Terminal 1 include Air France, Air Baltic, British Airways, Condor, Delta, easyJet, El Al, Emirates, Eurowings, Iberia, KLM, Norwegian, Onur Air, Qatar Airways, Ryanair, SunExpress, TUIfly, Turkish Airlines and Vueling.
  • Munich Airport Terminal 2: Flights from Austrian, Etihad, Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines, Swiss, TAP, Thai Airways, United and other airlines usually depart from Terminal 2.

Munich Airport: Practical information

During their stay, travelers can use the free airport WLAN for up to 24 hours. There are several play areas for children to run around in the airport. Munich Airport offers a selection of 60 restaurants and cafés serving snacks and specialties from all over the world. Passengers can stop off there for a meal or buy snacks for the waiting time or for the flight. The Bamee restaurant, for example, offers authentic Thai cuisine. Fresh sandwiches are available at Subway. Passengers and visitors can find fashion, accessories, travel items, duty-free goods, souvenirs and much more in around 150 stores and boutiques.

Your trip from Munich Airport didn’t go as planned?

According to Flightright data, there were 3926 incidents at Munich Airport (Munich) in 2023, accounting for 2.88% of all departures. Munich Airport recorded different operating performances of its airlines in 2023. The most active airline was Lufthansa, with a total of 51,466 flights and 1,201 cancellations and 149 delays, which equates to a moderate cancellation rate of 2.33% and a low delay rate of 0.29%. It was closely followed by Lufthansa CityLine with 26,106 flights, 962 cancellations and 51 delays, which equates to a higher cancellation rate of 3.68% and a lower delay rate of 0.20%. Air Dolomiti, which operated 11,063 flights, had 328 cancellations and only 6 delays, which corresponds to a cancellation rate of 2.96% and a very low delay rate. Eurowings and United Airlines also recorded a high level of activity with corresponding cancellation rates and very low delays. Travelers may be entitled to compensation or ticket refunds in the event of flight delays, cancellations and overbooking. Flightright enforces your rights.

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Your flight did not go as planned?

In the event of flight delays, cancellations and overbooking, passengers may be entitled to compensation or ticket reimbursement. Flightright enforces your rights.

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