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Upfront, nothing.

No win no fee: You only have to pay if we are successful with your claim.

If successful, our remuneration is calculated on an individual case-by-case basis. Find out for yourself using the compensation calculator. This estimate includes our contingency fee (25% + VAT).

No win no fee

This means you will not be charged a penny if your claim is unsuccessful. Even in cases where our lawyers are involved you will encounter no legal costs. For more details, please have a look at our Terms & Conditions).

Quality Promise

At Flightright we offer a Quality Promise so you can get the best deal possible without any trouble. We’ll pay you €50 on top of your compensation if we were not successful in handling your claim and you won your compensation through a different service provider. Secondly, if someone on the same flight has successfully claimed compensation through a different company, we will pay your full compensation immediately if you choose us.

Here’s an example based on a compensation payment of £500

Result Costs Your compensation
Success Airline covers legal fees and court costs 337,20 £
Partial success The costs are shared, no additional costs to you 0 –337,20 £
Loss Flightright assumes all costs 0 £