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Birmingham Airport

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Birmingham Airport Delays

Facts and Figures

Birmingham Airport (BHX) is located at Bickenhill, in West Midland’s Metropolitan Borough of Solihull. The airport was once known as the Birmingham International Airport. In 1997, the airport received over 6 million passengers and almost 80,000 aircraft movements. In the airports second year, the numbers increased to over 6.7 million and almost 90,000. The airport has become quite busy with the growing number of passengers each year. Birmingham Airport recorded 9.6 million passengers in 2008, which is the highest number of total passengers in any year. Although this number went down to 8.9 million in 2012, Birmingham still became the 7th busiest airport in the United Kingdom, and in the top 50 for busiest European airports. The airport is assessable by car using the M42 or via train on the free Air-Rail Link shuttle.

Airport Background

Its history began in 1928 when the Birmingham City Council chose to build a municipal airport. Many agreed and thus, the plans were laid out after five years. Elmdon was selected to become the new airport’s site and after just one year, it was fully operational. During World War II the airport became a site for the Air Ministry as well as the Royal Air Force and Royal Navy. After the war, the aerodrome resumed serving the travellers. However, the government remained the operator of the Elmdon Airport where a number of air races and events were held on the site. Four years later, the city of Birmingham reclaimed the airport.
An International Building was created, which acted as the building that handled international passengers in 1951. Six years later, one of the major projects on the airport was deployed where an extension of the runway was the target. In 1974, the West Midlands County Council, a new organisation was formed and they took over the airport. The airport became known as the Birmingham International Airport, a name taken from their new owner in 1987. More development projects ensued, but the government limited the amount of money that public sectors could borrow. Nevertheless, the airport was able to start construction in 1997. By 2000, many airlines began to serve the airport including American Airlines, Emirates, and United Airlines. In 2010, the International brand in its name was dropped and the airport has since been called the Birmingham Airport.

Delay and Punctuality Statistics

The airport serves as a base for airlines such as Flybe, Ryanair, Monarch and Thomas Cook Airlines. In 2013, the average delay at Birmingham airport was under 9 minutes, below the total UK airports average of almost 12 minutes. Of the total delayed flights, 85% of passengers were delayed for less than 15 minutes, with only 0.5% of flights being delayed for over 3 hours. More information about Birmingham airport statistics can be found at FlightStats.

There are causes of delay at Birmingham Airport that are beyond anyone’s control such as bad weather or air traffic. If you have been affected by delays and you are stranded at the airport because your flight was cancelled or delayed for the whole night, you should know your rights.

The airline, not the airport, is responsible for you, which means that they should provide you with hotel accommodation and/or meals. In some cases, a ticket refund may be necessary. Before you begin your claim you should inform yourself about the process on our website. As stated by EU regulation, you can receive up to £480 (600€) as part of the compensation for the damages.
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What rights do I have?

Under EU law, you can get up to 480£ compensation in the event of a delay, cancellation or overbooking of your flight.
This is true regardless of the ticket price and up to 6 years retrospectively.


What to do when delayed?

  • gather information
  • Take photos
  • You are entitled to vouchers
  • Keep documents from the airline, such as letters, tickets, vouchers
250 €
Up to 1,500 KM
2H Delay
400 €
1.500 KM - 3.500KM
3H Delay
600 €
Mer än 3500 km
6H Delay
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