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Edinburgh Airport flight delays and cancellations

Edinburgh Airport was Scotland’s busiest airport in 2016 and flies to 147 destination airports worldwide. It suffered a fairly average number of delays but was guilty of cancelling more than its fair share of flights in 2016.

We will help to uphold your rights if you were subjected to disruption when flying out of Edinburgh airport, by levelling the playing field between you and the responsible airline. You can quickly establish whether you have a claim by using our free online calculator, after which you can submit a claim with us online.

Cancellations and flight delays at Edinburgh Airport

Your rights when delayed at Edinburgh Airport

  • According to EU law up to €600 of compensation is claimable
  • When delayed at least 3 hours, overbooked or cancelled
  • Flights as old as 6 years
  • Regardless of the cost of the ticket

Tips and Tricks when delayed at Edinburgh Airport

  • Seek confirmation of the reason for the delay with the airline
  • Collect proof: receipts of expenses, photos, vouchers etc
  • Insist on your basic benefits and services at the airport
  • Take contact information from your fellow affected passengers

Here are some further details regarding your passenger rights and the EU legislation.

In which cases do flight delays qualify for compensation?

The total compensation rests on the flight distance - not on the amount you paid for your ticket. Essentially your flight has to arrive at its destination with a delay of 3 or more hours and fall under the current EU Regulation. Your claims remain valid up to 6 years retrospectively. Below is some information about which compensation you’ll be due and under which circumstances:

Which level of compensation passengers are due based on the distance of their flight
Essential: Don’t accept excuses! Vouchers for food, hotels etc don’t relieve the airline of their responsibility to pay your compensation.

Additional services at Edinburgh Airport

If takeoff is badly delayed, you incur the right to basic benefits and services. These are dependant on the distance of your flight and how long you're delayed. Here, you’ll find an overview of what you’re eligible for:

  • Short distance, less than 1500 km: free drinks and food, as well as 2 telephone calls, emails or faxes, if delayed 2 or more hours
  • Medium distance, between 1500-3500 km: free drinks and food, as well as 2 telephone calls, emails or faxes, if delayed 3 or more hours
  • Long-haul, from 3500 km: free drinks and food, as well as 2 telephone calls, emails or faxes, if delayed 4 or more hours
Delays that last over 5 hours

Regardless of the distance of your flight, if the delay reaches 5 hours you are entitled to cancel it. The airline is obliged to either reimburse you the costs or offer you alternative transportation.

Departures that are delayed until the following day

You’re eligible for a hotel stay, including transport to and from the airport and the hotel, should your flight be postponed until the day after it was scheduled to depart. Address the airline directly and ask for written commitment for your hotel stay and transfer.

Our Flightright Promise

Our expertise enables us to enforce compensation with a very high success rate. That’s why we are able to promise a completely free service should your case prove unsuccessful!

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