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Travelling with children: Tips for a carefree family vacation

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Travel with children
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The most important facts about “travelling with children”

  • Whether within or outside the UK/EU, it is always advisable to have a child’s ID with you.
  • Many airlines charge no or only a small ticket fee for passengers under the age of two.
  • There are often significant discounts for children up to the age of eleven.
  • Advance seat reservations are recommended for families with small children.
  • Allow sufficient time for check-in and security checks.
  • Have the necessary documents for children (e.g. ID, passport) ready.
  • Pack child-friendly entertainment (e.g. books, games) for the flight.
  • For long flights, take enough provisions and diapers for small children.
  • Take a first-aid kit for possible illnesses or injuries to children.

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Travelling with children – The long-awaited family vacation is just around the corner, but before you head off on vacation, there are a few things to prepare. Especially for longer air travel, preparation is everything to ensure that the vacation is an unforgettable family experience. Flightright‘s passenger assistants have collected tips and information to help parents start their vacation worry-free.

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The right travel documents

A trip with children needs to be well planned. Above all, the necessary documents should be applied for in good time. Whether inside or outside the UK/EU, it is always advisable to have a child’s passport with you. It is no longer sufficient for a child to be entered in the parents’ passport. There are so-called children’s passports for children under the age of 12. This is particularly important if parents and children have different surnames.

Family-friendly destinations

When choosing a vacation destination, don’t be afraid of the unknown. Many countries surprise with their hospitality – especially towards children. Of course, parents should still consider a few things: Is the climate pleasant for me and my child or would I be better off choosing a different time to travel? Are there tropical diseases and adequate healthcare at the destination? Can I get from A to B comfortably and easily with my child? Safety, good healthcare and infrastructure are not only found in the UK and Central Europe. If you want to go a little further afield, countries such as Thailand, Japan, Australia or New Zealand also meet all the criteria for a successful family vacation.

Travelling with children – the first-aid kit

One of the most important tasks before the start of a vacation is clearly the first-aid kit. Properly packed, it helps to be prepared for (almost) all eventualities. The motto here is “more is more”. The basic equipment includes plasters, fever suppositories, sun cream and cold remedies. However, depending on the destination, country-specific medication such as gastrointestinal tablets, mosquito spray or malaria emergency medication should also be included. Naturally, children are particularly active and curious on vacation – after all, there are so many new things to discover. Wound healing creams and disinfectants are therefore also a must in the suitcase

On the plane with children

The first time on a plane with children can be exciting, but also nerve-wracking (tip: flying with children & travel gadgets for children). For a relaxed travel experience, it is therefore helpful to find out about the most important regulations and conditions on the plane beforehand. These include

Tickets for kids

Many airlines charge no or only a small ticket fee for passengers under the age of two, although there are differences for domestic and international flights. However, this does not necessarily include the right to a seat. Children under the age of two can travel on their parents’ lap. In this case, the flight attendants will give the adult a seat belt for the baby before take-off. Infants can also travel in their own seat. However, they must be secured by their own child restraint system. There are also often significant discounts for children up to the age of eleven. Depending on the airline, children’s menus, games or free baggage are also offered for the little ones. Low-cost airlines usually offer the fewest extras.

Travelling with children – hand luggage

Especially before longer flights, it is advisable to think in advance about what you absolutely must take with you on the plane and what is better stowed in your checked baggage, as hand baggage regulations are strict and closely monitored. If in doubt, the airline should be informed before taking certain necessary medication with you, e.g. in the case of allergies or illnesses. This may also be necessary when entering certain countries that have strict import regulations.

Security checks are normally strict for liquids. However, exceptions are made for baby food. It does not have to be carried in plastic bags and is not subject to the maximum quantity of 100 ml. If you want to be on the safe side, you can, for example, simply mix powdered milk on the plane. Hot water is available free of charge from almost every airline. What else should definitely go in your hand luggage? A favorite cuddly toy, blanket, change of clothes and wet wipes should not be missing on board. Small children often have problems with pressure equalization during descent and ascent. Pacifiers and bottles can help here.

Baby carriages and buggies

The good news for all those who have planned longer sightseeing tours: Most airlines transport baby carriages and buggies free of charge. As a rule, however, these must be checked in at the check-in counter or bulky baggage counter together with suitcases and the like. If you don’t want to do without a baby carriage during your stay at the airport, most airports have buggies available for hire for the little ones. Due to the limited space available, hardly any airlines allow strollers to be taken into the aircraft cabin. If a baby carriage is required for a stopover, this should be announced as early as possible. However, buggies are often available at the gate.

Families are welcome here

The bigger the airport, the more stressful the journey? Not necessarily. Many airports are well-prepared for families. Among UK airports, Heathrow Airport offers numerous amenities like themed play areas and free strollers. Manchester Airport also stands out with its Kids Zone, where parents can drop off their children for a small fee under the care of experienced staff, join in the fun, or do crafts together.

Just in case

When a flight is cancelled or delayed, it is often particularly stressful for families. Long waiting times at the gate or on the plane can put a strain on nerves and dampen vacation enjoyment. In many cases, passengers are then entitled to compensation of up to 520 pounds (minus the success fee). And this also applies to children. The prerequisite for this is that the full ticket price or a small service fee has been paid for the transportation of the child. To ensure that travellers actually receive their compensation, passenger portals such as Flightright help them to claim it from the airlines. With just a few clicks, those affected can check online free of charge whether a claim exists and have it enforced directly by the air passenger rights lawyers. Important to know: Compensation claims are valid for six years in the UK.

Travelling with children – “Mom, will we be there soon-ha?”

Children often alternate exciting discoveries with periods of leaden boredom on vacation trips. Parents can prepare for this. Especially when travelling with limited freedom of movement, keeping the little ones entertained can be a real test of endurance. A favorite book, a toy, a few audio games or other children’s entertainment should always be within easy reach. There are also fun travel games that require nothing more than a desire to play and have fun. This will make the time fly by. Find out more about tips to prevent boredom on the plane here.

How can Flightright help you?

Your trip is well planned and the children are sleeping peacefully, but now the airline is getting in the way of your holiday happiness? Your flight is overbooked, delayed or cancelled? Has your luggage been delayed or lost?

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