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When is a flight a nonstop flight?

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Key Points about “nonstop Flight”

  • A nonstop flight goes from departure to arrival airport without stops.
  • A direct flight may have stops but same flight number.
  • A connecting flight requires changing planes.
  • Nonstop flights can save time and reduce inconvenience.
  • Direct flights may have layovers but passengers remain on the plane.
  • Travelers should confirm flight details before booking.
  • Airlines may change flight details after booking.

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In aviation, there are many different flights. There are domestic flights, continental flights, short-haul flights, long-haul flights, and also non-stop flights. But what exactly is behind the term non-stop flight, and when does a non-stop flight count as such? We answer these and other questions in our latest blog article.

What is a nonstop flight? Briefly explained:

What exactly is meant by a nonstop flight? In aviation, a non-stop flight is a flight that does not require a stopover between the origin and destination points. The non-stop flight is therefore the most comfortable way to fly, as you simply get on the plane and arrive directly at your destination without any stops in between. The downside is that due to this convenience, nonstop flights are also usually the most expensive of all flights.

What is the longest nonstop flight?

There are thousands of nonstop flights around the world. But which flight is longer than all others and takes travelers halfway across the globe, making it the longest nonstop flight in the world? Considered the longest nonstop flight in the world, Singapore Airlines’ intercontinental flight connects Singapore with New York without changing planes. The flight, which has been in existence since 2018, covers a distance of over 15,000 kilometers and takes approximately 17.5 hours. The aircraft is specially designed for the long flight time and offers, for example, higher ceilings, special lighting, and more sleeping comfort than conventional long-haul aircraft.

Have you experienced a flight delay/cancellation?

According to the EU Air Passenger Rights Regulation, the amount of compensation is calculated according to the flight route (distance):

Short distance up to 1500 kmMedium distance up to 3500 kmLong distance from 3500 km
e.g. London – Edinburghe.g. London – Athense.g. London – Tokyo

How long can an airplane fly nonstop?

Up to 28 hours of nonstop flight. Is that even possible? Normal passenger jets can’t do that yet, because they can’t store enough fuel in their tanks. But military aircraft or special aircraft like the U.S. President’s Air Force One can. In fact, these planes can be refuelled in mid-flight, so they don’t need to land for refuelling.

Is a non-stop flight always a direct flight?

Yes, a non-stop flight is always a direct flight. On the other hand, a direct flight is not always a nonstop flight. But we’ll get to that in a moment.

What is considered as a direct flight – do you have to change planes?

Similar to non-stop flights, direct flights also take air travelers directly to their destination without having to change planes. With a direct flight, however, it is possible for the airline to schedule a stopover, for example, to refuel, to change personnel, or to let other passengers on board. In this case, the other passengers do not have to leave the plane, and if they are asleep anyway, they may not even notice the stopover.

What is the difference between a non-stop flight and a direct flight?

The difference between a direct flight and a nonstop flight is that a direct flight may include stopovers, for example, to refuel the plane or to let more passengers on board. A nonstop flight, on the other hand, takes air travelers directly to their destination without a stopover and is therefore the fastest, but usually also the most expensive form of air travel.

What is the legal basis for nonstop and direct flights?

The legal basis for non-stop flights and direct flights is found in the Warsaw Convention of 1929, which regulates international air traffic. This only obliges the “air carrier” to carry the purchaser of a ticket. However, the “carrier” is free to decide with which aircraft and with which crew this is done. It can happen, for example, that air travelers book a direct flight from Berlin to Bangkok and think that they will be transported there by a direct route. In reality, however, the plane lands in Dubai and from there the flight is continued with a partner airline. What air travelers might interpret as fraud and impudence is, however, legal and permitted.

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