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The 10 most helpful travel apps for a perfect holiday

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Travel apps: Nowadays, there is an app for almost every aspect of life, which is supposed to make life easier. This also applies to travelling. For example, a travel app can help you book hotels and holiday homes, navigate or serve as a digital travel guide. In the following, we have taken a closer look at the ten best apps that should not be missing on your next trip.

What travel apps are available?

Nowadays, there is a suitable app for all aspects of a trip. To book a trip, various booking portal apps show the best hotel offers. To make sure you don’t get lost during your trip, there are numerous navigation apps, and even if you don’t speak the local language, translation apps help you order food or a taxi ride. Thus, you are well prepared for your next trip.

What apps are available for airline tickets?

Those who want to book airline tickets via an app have numerous options for doing so. First of all, there are the apps of the various airlines with which the journey is to be made. There are also numerous third-party providers such as Skyscanner, Expedia and Google Flights. 

Which app is the best for booking flights?

There are many different ways to book flights. Holidaymakers can book tickets via third-party apps such as Flü, Expedia or Skyscanner or use the airlines’ apps directly. It is helpful to compare the prices of the different providers before buying the ticket, as the prices can sometimes differ significantly.

Is the Corona Warn app also valid abroad?

The Corona Warn app is also valid abroad and can be downloaded and used in the app stores of all EU member states as well as in Switzerland, Norway, Great Britain and Turkey. This way, you are optimally informed about possible risks even when travelling.  

The 10 best apps for your next trip

#1 – Your travel app is an online travel agency for booking travel accommodations as well as flights and rental cars. The company is headquartered in Amsterdam. provides more than 28 million accommodations worldwide, from hotels to small holiday flats. The app is available in 43 languages. The offers are made available online or via mobile apps. This way, holidaymakers have quick access and can compare several offers quickly and easily. 

With this travel app, they can also book immediately and enter the corresponding payment details. Regardless of whether discounts or special offers are available, for example, the app makes booking easy and convenient. In case you don’t want to book accommodation after all, you can also save it and retrieve it later. This way, holidaymakers can find a suitable offer quickly and easily. With the travel app, they can also decide whether they want to complete their booking via the internet or customer service. In this way, booking accommodation becomes a quick and convenient process. 

#2 How Google Maps can accompany your next trip

Google Maps is an online mapping service provided by the US company Google LLC, which allows users to view the world as a street map or as an aerial or satellite image. In addition, it is possible to navigate and rate almost all public buildings, such as restaurants, attractions, shopping centres and many other services.

With Google Maps, it is also possible to find the location and address of certain places. This app also allows you to create itineraries for cars, pedestrians and public transport. Users can also use Street View to get a 360-degree view of the streets. Google Maps also offers the possibility to display real-time data such as traffic information and environmental conditions like snow, rain or the position of the sun. It can also be used to store photos, images and other media.

#3 Safe travel – your travel app

In the app, travellers will find tips and a checklist for their travel preparations, as well as the addresses of the representatives of the destination country in Germany. In addition, the app also offers detailed and continuously updated travel and safety information for each country. Topics include: 

  • Current
  • Safety
  • Nature and climate
  • Entry and customs
  • Health

There is also a short overview of the most important geographical, political and economic data of the country.

#4 Hostelworld: Staying cheaper

Hostelworld is a website that links to hostels in more than 165 countries and offers around 12,055 hostels on five continents. Every month, around 250,000 people book a hostel through this site. Hostelworld offers some advantages for people who want to travel cheaply, for example, students who are not looking for luxury but simple beds and a hip atmosphere that can be found in youth hostels.

Hostelworld also offers some other benefits, such as free cancellation or modification of bookings, discounts for signing up for the Hostelworld guest card and quick and easy reservations. Notification of cancellations or price changes is also easier as Hostelworld automatically notifies you. In addition, the site also offers a variety of secure payment options that include credit cards, debit cards and various electronic wallets. Hostelworld also offers several convenience features such as free Wi-Fi, a 24-hour reception and even the ability to book your room before arrival. There are also reviews from other travellers and an events’ calendar to help you see what’s happening in the area. All these features help ensure a pleasant and stress-free travel experience. 

#5 SayHi: translator app to combat speechlessness.

SayHi makes it possible for users to communicate instantly in another language. A conversation can be held in two languages and one’s voice is translated immediately. This way, people can still understand each other. Thanks to the constantly growing list of languages and dialects, users can communicate with almost anyone in the world. The app was designed to make it quick, easy and clear to talk without distractions. All you have to do is tap a button and speak. 

SayHi enables users to communicate in real-time and make their language understandable anywhere in the world. This innovative travel app is an important tool for overcoming barriers and cultural differences, and at the same time for making contacts quickly. SayHi allows users to improve their experience through constant practice and to expand their language skills by learning new dialects. In combination with the clever machine learning system, SayHi translates users’ spoken words into almost any language. This allows users from different countries and cultures to converse effortlessly without forgetting their mother tongue.

Have you experienced a flight delay/cancellation?

According to the EU Air Passenger Rights Regulation, the amount of compensation is calculated according to the flight route (distance):

Short distance up to 1500 kmMedium distance up to 3500 kmLong distance from 3500 km
e.g. London – Edinburghe.g. London – Athense.g. London – Tokyo

#6 How TripIt helps passengers organise their travel experience

TripIt is a platform that can help travellers organise and manage all their travel information in one place. TripIt reads flight, hotel and car rental requests from email accounts, even if they are from different suppliers, and stores them as organised lists. This allows passengers to keep track of all the details of their trip – both before they start and during the flight – without having to tediously gather information. In addition, passengers can use the app to track flight time changes or gate changes and receive automatic notifications when something changes. Appointment reminders are also sent to passengers by email to ensure that their itinerary is optimally filled. TripIt thus helps passengers to make their travel experience as convenient and stress-free as possible!

#7 LiveTrekker – Mark and remember places easily

LiveTrekker is the new living experience of life-sharing. The app makes it easy to visualise and share everything users record during a trip on multimedia maps. On the LiveTrekker website, users can also edit their trips, change content and import new content to optimise what was not possible during the recording.

In addition, LiveTrekker allows users to send maps to friends to better share their travel experiences. The travel app also allows users to share photos and videos taken while travelling, and to add personal comments to other maps. The user interface is intuitive and allows users to save and share their maps in different formats. The LiveTrekker app is a quick and fun way to capture everything users experience while travelling. It’s a great way to share what you’ve experienced with friends and family, and an easy way to capture your memories forever.

#8 Currency converter: Convert money abroad

With Finanzen100’s currency converter, users can convert different currencies. The currency calculator converts over 160 official currencies worldwide. All you have to do is enter the source currency, and the calculator displays the target currency and the desired amount. The currency calculator also provides the current exchange rate. Users can enter the currency abbreviation or the currency country to find the desired currency. You can select a desired number of decimal places for the currency conversion.

#9 Kindle App: Read on the go

The Kindle app, optimised for Android devices, allows users to read Kindle eBooks in an easy-to-use interface. More than 1.5 million Kindle eBooks are available, including new releases and bestsellers, and more than 140,000 books are available.

Users can customise their reading experience by changing fonts and text size, using the dictionary feature and setting backlight levels. They can also add page markers and notes to refer back to later. In addition, Kindle eBooks can be downloaded directly from the App Store. The Kindle app also allows users to listen to eBooks and have them read to them at the same time thanks to the Immersion Reading feature. This feature allows users to hear and read the text in real-time while seeing the words. In this way, users can speed up grasping the meaning of a text and relax at the same time. 

#10 Skyscanner – How Skyscanner helps passengers find cheap flights

Skyscanner is a platform that enables air travellers to find cheap flights quickly and easily. With Skyscanner, travellers can make comparisons of different flight and price options so they can find the best possible price for their trip. Skyscanner’s interface is user-friendly, and the tool also provides real-time information on airfares in over 50 countries worldwide. Thanks to the app, passengers can set up day-by-day searches, and various price alerts and receive notifications when an offer change or when new connection details are set. Skyscanner thus helps passengers save time and money when searching for cheap flights.

Which travel app will you take with you on your next trip? 

Which travel app is the most helpful depends on the needs of the user. If you want entertainment during your trip, the apps mentioned here are recommended. If you want to be mobile, navigation apps are the best choice. If users have other needs during the trip, they will probably consider the app that is best suited for this. It is therefore not possible to make a general statement about which app is the best, this decision has to be made by the users themselves. We can only narrow down the number of apps and show the advantages and disadvantages. 

How can Flightright help you?

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