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Forgot to turn on flight mode – Will the plane crash?

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Key Points about “Flight mode”

  • Flight mode disables cellular and Wi-Fi connections.
  • Required during takeoff and landing.
  • May be used during flight if airline allows it.
  • Facilitates offline use of device features like music or games.
  • Passengers should follow crew instructions regarding devices.

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Actually, it goes without saying. On an airplane, smartphones, tablets or laptops should be switched to flight mode. Activating flight mode deactivates all wireless communication interfaces of the device, while other functions remain active. But what happens if air travelers forget to switch on flight mode? Will the plane crash? Or could this lead to turbulence?

What does flight mode mean?

Flight mode is the setting option on technical devices that switches off all wireless communication interfaces of the tablet, smartphone, or laptop. However, with flight mode turned on in the airplane, air travelers still have the option, for example, to watch movies on their laptops, play games offline with their cell phones or read an e-book.

What does flight mode mean? In short, flight mode allows air travelers to continue using their devices during the flight without disturbing the pilot with signals.

How does flight mode work?

Flight mode turns off all radio signals from a device. Thus, it is no longer necessary to turn off the smartphone. When you set flight mode, firstly the connection to the cellular network is cut, and secondly, the connection to WLAN, Bluetooth, and NFC connections is also cut.

Why does the phone need to be in flight mode?

Don’t worry. If you ever forget to put your phone in flight mode, the plane won’t crash right away. In the worst case scenario, the pilot could hear jamming noises. This could then lead to the pilot no longer being able to correctly understand radio signals that are important to him or her. So turning on flight mode is definitely the wiser idea.

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When should you turn on flight mode?

Even though forgetting flight mode won’t cause the plane to crash right away, it’s still important to have flight mode on. You should turn on flight mode so that the pilot can manoeuvre the aircraft undisturbed and hear important radio signals clearly. That is the reason why flight mode should be turned on in the aircraft.

Activating the flight mode, by the way, is quite simple. To enable or disable it, just click the airplane icon on your device.

What happens if you fly without flight mode?

You should not turn off flight mode during a flight. If you fly without flight mode, the pilot may be distracted by noise similar to that of a speaker feedback. Furthermore, he or she may not correctly understand the radio signals necessary for safe manoeuvring of the aircraft. This in turn can lead to dangerous situations, though it is exceedingly rare.

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