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Los Angeles International Airport

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LAX Delays - Trouble with Airlines

About Los Angeles International Airport

Los Angeles International Airport serves the bustling city of Los Angeles. Each year millions of leisure and business travellers arrive and depart from LAX. Visitors from around the world are attracted to the Los Angeles area for its wide variety of attractions, including Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Universal Studios and Disneyland. The airport connects the city and surrounding region with the world with non-stop flights throughout the United States, the Americas, Europe, Asia, and beyond. As one of the world’s busiest airports, Los Angeles International Airport is regularly affected by delays for a variety of reasons.
Popularly known by its IATA airport code LAX, Los Angeles International Airport is the sixth busiest airport in the world. The major airport is also the third busiest in the United States with approximately 600 daily flights according to Los Angeles World Airports, LAX’s operating authority. LAX is situated in southwestern Los Angeles along the coast of the Pacific Ocean, approximately 16 miles from the city’s downtown. The airport is home to eight terminal buildings and the Tom Bradley International Terminal, each with a range of amenities including shops and restaurants. In 2011, Los Angeles International Airport served more than 61 million passengers according to its operator. It also processed some 1.8 million tons of cargo and handled 603,912 aircraft landings and takeoffs.
Los Angeles International Airport is a gateway to 58 cities in 32 countries around the world. Nearly 75 national and international airlines fly in and out of LAX throughout the year. Among the airlines serving the airport are United, Delta, American Airlines, US Airways, ANA, Swiss International Air Lines, Air Canada, British Airways, Emirates, Lufthansa, Air France, Air Berlin, Iberia and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. LAX is also the hub for several major airlines, including American and United.

History of LAX

Los Angeles International Airport traces its roots to 1928 when the Los Angeles City Council selected the site for a new airport. Formerly agricultural land, landing strips were laid out and the first hangar was erected in 1929. Originally known as Mines Field, the site formally opened as an airport in 1930. In 1949, the Los Angeles Airport adopted its current name and was officially renamed Los Angeles International Airport.
In recent years the airport has made efforts to upgrade its facilities, including the iconic flying saucer shaped Theme Building. Built in 1961, the structure was refurbished in 2007. Looking to the future, LAX is currently undergoing a $4.11 billion improvement programme. One of the key features of the redevelopment is the Bradley West Project, a $1.5 million expansion of the airport’s international terminal. The project will increase gates and passenger amenities at the Tom Bradley International Terminal, as well as upgrade utilities at the airport.

Delays aren't rare at LAX

According to the United States Department of Transportation and the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, Los Angeles International Airport ranks among the top U.S. airports in terms of on-time arrival performance. Year-to-date statistics through February 2013 showed that 83.62 percent of flights arrived on time, which ranked LAX 8th among all major U.S. airports. In terms of departures, 85.78 percent of flights departed on time according to year-to-date statistics through February 2013. In terms of on-time departures, LAX ranked 5th in the United States. Common causes for delays at LAX include late arriving aircraft, National Aviation System delays and air carrier delays. Between February 2012 and February 2013, 6.9 percent of all delays were caused by late arriving aircraft, 5.34 percent were a result of National Aviation System delays, and 4.85 percent were due to air carrier delays. By comparison, only 0.45 percent of arriving and departing flights were delayed because of weather delays. Only 1.11 percent of all flights during this period were cancelled at LAX, according to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics.
Information about on-time performance for Los Angeles International Airport may be found at the U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics’ website. Current updates on operations and delays at LAX can also be found from the Federal Aviation Administration. Quite often passengers aren't informed that they can claim a compensation from the airline if their flight is delayed and meets some criteria. Flights from and to the EU can qualify for up to £4800 of compensation per passenger. Flightright is a company that does all the work for their clients to get their compensation as quick and easily as possible.

What rights do I have?

Under EU law, you can get up to 480£ compensation in the event of a delay, cancellation or overbooking of your flight.
This is true regardless of the ticket price and up to 6 years retrospectively.


What to do when delayed?

  • gather information
  • Take photos
  • You are entitled to vouchers
  • Keep documents from the airline, such as letters, tickets, vouchers
250 €
< 1,500km
3H Delay
400 €
1,500km - 3,500km
3H Delay
600 €
> 3,500km
3H Delay
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