flightright suggested that 397,000 UK passengers affected by summer disruption were entitled to more than £128 million in compensation

The Daily Telegraph 2014/09

One in Five Flights Delayed this Summer

The London Economic 2014/09

With extensive experience in European flight delay compensation laws, flightright handles all your paperwork and legal interactions with the airline, and assumes 100 percent of the risk while pursuing your claim

The Boston Globe 2014/10
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For many, the long awaited vacation or international business trip comes and goes without a problem. However, for thousands of airline passengers every year, this is not always the case. Flight delays, cancellations or missed connections more often than not, make the holidays a frustrating experience. Fortunately, according to EU Regulation 261/2004, air passengers might be able to receive compensation from the airlines for their troubles dating up to 3 years in the past.

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For passengers trying to submit their own claims requests, the process is not an easy one. Airlines will rarely pay voluntarily, often citing “extraordinary circumstances” to reject the claim even if they were actually responsible. This is where flightright comes into play: we represent your passenger rights and demand your right to compensation from the airlines. Through our collective airline and legal expertise, our professionals will handle all of the paperwork and stress on your behalf. The only cost to you is a percentage of the paid compensation amount if we are successful with your claim. Even in situations where we have to go to court and involve our lawyers, flightright will cover the expense! (Read more: How much does flightright cost?

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In order to receive compensation from the airlines, your flight cancellation or delay must meet the following criteria. To qualify, your flight must be operated by an EU regulated airline. This means that you are either departing any airport within the EU on a different airline, or are flying into Europe with an EU based airline. In addition, both the distance of the flight and delay time impact the amount of compensation passengers may be able to claim, ranging from €125 to €600 (£105 - £500) per person. As a basic guideline:

  • Flights under 1,500 km with a delay of 2 hours or more are entitled to €250 (£210).
  • Flights between 1,500 km and 3,500 km with a delay of at least 3 hours can receive up to €400 (£330).
  • Flights of 3,500 km or more and a waiting time of 4 hours can claim up to €600 (£500).
  • Delays lasting more than 5 hours give passengers the option to withdraw from the flight altogether and be flown back to their original destination.

Furthermore, any passenger who is experiencing a delay is entitled to receive care benefits from the airline. These can include drinks, meals, phone calls and any necessary transportation or accommodation costs while you wait. If you meet any of the previous criteria and have experienced a flight delay, cancellation or overbooking in the past 3 years, let flightright handle your case. The free compensation calculator allows you to check former flights and calculate your level of compensation within minutes! (Read more: General information for Passengers )